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Glamour Shot

Glamour Shot

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Transparent foundation for all skin types


Glamour Shot is the first transparent foundation that replaces liquid foundation and ensures long-term anti-aging effects.  Paraben free.
How To Use

How To Use

Moisturize your skin with the adapted product. Then apply a small amount of Glamour Shot and evenly distribute while smoothing, starting from the inside to the facial contours. You can wear Glamour Shot alone, or apply powder foundation on top. Treat yourself to Glamour Shot at any time of day, even over make-up, for a quick pick-me-up. Please note that it is not compatible with liquid foundation.

How To Use

HQA microlens, new generation soft focus, reduces the appearance of pores, smoothes and mattifies the skin. Oat extract provides an optimal and immediate lifting effect. Encapsulated hyaluronic acid improves skin density and fills in wrinkles for a long-term effect. Urban Advance Complex is a powerful alliance of three active ingredients. The three ingredients act as an anti-oxidant shield neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthening the skin’s natural defenses and shocking the skin back to life on a cellular level.

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