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Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub

Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub

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Exfoliating body scrub for all skin types


Sea salts, beeswax, stimulating essential oils – indulge body and mind with your own personal at-home spa experience. Lap of Luxury Sea Scrub treats your senses to an effervescent escapade, while infusing the body with a newfound burst of energy and restoring your skin’s original silky softness. Results: The skin recovers its original softness. Suitable for all skin types. Paraben free.
How To Use

How To Use

Massage on to wet skin in the shower 1 - 2 times per week.  Rinse thouroughly.

How To Use

Mineral and oligoelement-enriched sea salts slough away dead skin cells and regenerate the epidermal layer. Beeswax moisturizes, softens and protects the skin. Essential oils (peppermint, myrtle, cajuput, lavender, rosemary, geranium) infuse the skin with vitality and uplift spirits. Urban Advance Complex is a powerful alliance of three active ingredients. The three ingredients act as an anti-oxidant shield neutralizing any cutaneous imbalances linked to pollution, strengthening the skin’s natural defenses and shocking the skin back to life on a cellular level.

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