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24 Hour Eye Antidote Box

24 Hour Eye Antidote Box

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Eye Rule's sumptuous formula, enriched with regenerative active ingredients, paired with its innovative pen format provides the fragile eye contour with all the efficacy of a high-tech intervention. The 12 active ingredients of Splendid Eyes Elation work all night long to revive the eye area. This renewing treatment fades wrinkles, polishes and revamps facial features while eliminating dark circles and puffiness.
How To Use

How To Use

Eye Rule morning application: press button to release a dose of product. Barely touching the eye area, apply in circular motions from interior to exterior, paying special attention to the lines and wrinkles. Apply Splendid Eyes Elation on the eye contour in the evening. Lightly tap with the fingertip in order to effectively absorb the cream.

How To Use

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